General Links

ALKA – Millennium Virtual Exhibition of the Lithuanian Cultural Heritage

COINE (Cultural Objects in Networked Environments). This project examines cultural heritages and presents them in a networked environment.  The second newsletter of the project

DigiCULT.Info – This electronic magazine discusses problems of digital storage and dissemination, documentation and information society development. Publications are available for download, for example: Download DigiCULT Thematic Issue 5 (3,5 MB)

EEBO - Early English Books Online, (one of the biggest virtual libraries containing over 500,000 items and covering the period from 1475 to 1700)

Gutenberg Digital

 LBP – Portal of Lithuanian communities in the world

PADI (Preserving Access to Digital Information) – Internet portal of the National Library of Australia

RDN (The Resource Discovery Network) – a meta-portal with links to digital storage portals all over the world.

Registers of cultural properties. The website of the Lithuanian Cultural Heritage Center

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam .This website provides access to the multimedia database of the museum’s collection of valuable items stored in digital form and offers a virtual tour of more than 150 exhibition halls.

Scientific information search engine

(Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network) – a Scottish digital archive This database contains over 300,000 pictures from museums, galleries, and archives, audio and video recordings, and learning resources.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s. Dynamic generation of timelines, chronologies, maps, and other contextualization.


Archaeological Research Institute, a virtual library,

Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe

Archaeology Data Service (the University of York)

Database of cave paintings in European countries

Digital Archaeology website

Digital Archaeology: Virtual reconstruction, visualization, simulation and 3d-animation on a highly professional level for museums, exhibitions, video and TV-broadcasting.

Historic Archaeological Research

Website of the Department of Cultural Heritage Protection (access to the archive of the State Archaeological Commission)

Website of the Institute of Prehistory of the University of Poznan

Y-STR Haplotype Reference Database (one of the databases for genetics)


American Ethnological Society Resources:

EASA - European Association of Social Anthropologists Visual Anthropology Network:

Ethnographic Studies Internet Resources Page – The Library of Congress Collection of Resources in Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Folklore, and Folk Life

Human Relations Area Files (HRAF)
This website contains two electronic databases:
the eHRAF Collection of Ethnography and the eHRAF Collection of Archaeology.

Latvieđu tautas ticçjumi – a collection of 36,790 Latvian folk beliefs published by P. Đmits in 1940-1941 in four volumes in Riga:

SIEF – Société Internationale d’Etnologie et de Folklore:

The Ur-List: Web Resources for Visual Anthropology:


Center of History. This website is useful for conducting searches for historical information.

Herder Institute, one of Germany's principal institutions for historical research on Eastern and Central Europe

Internet Library of Belarusian History – covering the period of Kievan Rus and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania -

Lithuanian Institute of History website containing links to other historical information resources.

Orbis Latinus – a compendium of place names in Latin

The Bible in many languages of the world –

The Catholic Encyclopaedia


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