Areas of Ethnology

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Ethnology (in the sense of European ethnology) attempts to study the means of human beings' shared living in community in the past and the present. The main areas of research are the social, material, and intellectual (nonmaterial) aspects of culture and the manifestation of these cultural forms in time and/or a given territory. Attention is focused on bigger or smaller social units (the neighborhood, village, town, nation, etc.) and on different social groups (e.g. based on age, sex, occupation, religion, ethnicity, etc.).

In prewar Lithuania the Lithuanian word tautotyra and in Soviet times the term etnografija (ethnography) were also used to refer to ethnology. (at the present time, ethnography is understood as the description of phenomena, i.e. the gathering of data important to ethnology.) Unlike some Western European countries, Lithuania does not consider folkloristics part of ethnology. Here, it is a separate field of study.

Lithuanian ethnology covers the following areas:


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