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Language Data Sources

∑ sound recording collections
∑ written sources (manuscripts, books, periodicals)
∑ card files and other data collections, etc.

The Aruodai database will contain, first of all, language data important for the study of national culture:

∑ folk beliefs (formerly called superstitions) from the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language;
∑ onomatopoeic interjections and other onomatopoeic words from the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language;
∑ dialectic names of plants from the card file of the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language;
∑ selected data from the Dictionary of Synonyms and the Dictionary of Antonyms;
∑ The Phraseological Dictionary;
∑ selected texts from old written records;
∑ mythological place names from the proper name index of the ILLís Onomastics Department;
∑ surnames selected from church records;
∑ stories in dialect (sound recordings and transcribed texts from the Dialect Archive of the ILL), etc.

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