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1. An electronic database of old writings (supported by the State Commission for the Lithuanian Language)
2. A database of dialects (see the Dialect Archive)


1. Old writings from the Duchy of Prussia

Sources stored in computer files and computerized concordances of word forms used in these sources:

1.1. Jonas Bretkūnas, Postilė (The Postilla), 1591
1.2. Jonas Bretkūnas, Giesmės Duchaunos (Spiritual Hymns), 1589
1.3. Jonas Bretkūnas, Kolektos (a prayer book), 1589
1.4. Jonas Bretkūnas, Kancionalas (a collection of hymns), 1589

1.5. Baltramiejus Vilentas, Evangelijos ir Epistolos (Gospels and Epistles), 1579
1.6. Baltramiejus Vilentas, Enchiridionas (Enchiridion), 1579
1.7. Simonas Vaišnoras, Margarita Theologica, 1600

Martynas Mažvydas’ vocabulary will be examined on the basis of A Dictionary of Martynas Mazvydas’ Writings, compiled by Dominykas Urbas (Vilnius: Mokslo ir enciklopedijų leidykla, 1996), and the collection of facsimiles Martynas Mažvydas: Catechism and Other Writings (Vilnius: Baltos lankos, 1993) as well as Martynas Mažvydas: The First Lithuanian Book (Vilnius: Vaga, 1974).

2. Old writings from the Lithuanian state

Computerized concordances of the word forms used in the following sources have been compiled:

2.1. Konstantinas Sirvydas, Punktai Sakymų (Gospel Points), 1629 (Part I), 1642 (Part II)
2.2. Ledesma, Katekizmas (Catechism), 1605
2.3. Jonas Jaknavièius, Ewangelie polskie y litewskie (Polish and Lithuanian Gospels), 1647

2.4. Robertas Belarminas, Katekizmas (Catechism), 1677
2.5. Kiprijonas Lukauskas, Pamokslai (Sermons), 1797

It is foreseen that Mikalojus Daukša’s vocabulary will be analyzed on the basis of Indeks-słownik do „Daukšos Postilė“ (Index-Dictionary for Daukša’s Postilla; Poznań, 1977), compiled by C. Kudzinowski, and the photographic reprint Daukšos Postilė (Daukša’s Postilla; Kaunas, a publication of the University of Lithuania, 1926). The book Mikalojaus Daukšos 1595 metų Katekizmas (The 1595 Catechism of Mikalojus Daukša), ed. V. Jakštienė and J. Palionis (Vilnius: Mokslo ir enciklopedijų leidykla, 1995), will also be used. It contains an index of the word forms in the Catechism of 1595 (pp. 627-748). In 2004, a facsimile edition of Knyga nobažnystės krikščioniškos (Book of Christian Piety; 1653) was published.

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